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About Our Sunrooms

We can create a screen or glass enclosure that allows you to add another liveable area to your home using partially or fully enclosed glass or screens. The diverse Australian climate and environment require an equally diverse solution to create the very best in living and leisure space for you and your family.

Our Screened Enclosures

A fully screened area provides protection from the harsh extremes of our weather and you don’t need to worry anymore about annoying insects. A screened room also provides the versatility of gentle cooling breezes and healthy air circulation in summer, with the full protection from the cooler conditions of winter.

Our Glass Enclosures/ Queensland Room

We can transform the bleakest unused space into a light and cosy sunroom with a full glass enclosure. Why not add a new family living area, a study, a craft or hobby area, guest room or somewhere to just relax and unwind. The possibilities are endless with a RS glass enclosure.

Our Recent Work


Sunrooms are a perfect option to expand your living space and build an ideal transition between indoors and out. They allow family relax in soothing sunlight during cold winter days.

We create the perfect sunroom to provide an alfresco area for all to enjoy. It can be a totally open screened room or an entirely weatherproof glass room, depending upon your preference. The sunroom can serve as an entertaining area for the entire family. It’s like having a special “go to relax” place just a few steps away from your main living areas. We help you create a sunroom that fits your tastes and needs. Our sunrooms allow you to enjoy the most of being outdoors without being annoyed by insects or unfavourable weather.

Style It Your Way!

We offer custom-made sunrooms in Sydney to fulfil your needs and architectural tastes. Below are some options that you can opt for while customising your sunroom:

Sun Protection

If you want protection from the scorching afternoon sun in Summertime then a south-facing sunroom is the ideal option for you.

Heat Build-up Solution

Install vents and fans to prevent heat build-up to get comfort in Summer.


Custom reflective blinds can be an effective option if you want to add shade to the room.

Roofing styles

There is a combination of roofing materials available to create a shaded sunroom. The gable and glass wall can be complemented by polystyrene roof panels. These panels do not require a framework as they can be self-supporting.

Different styles of Doors

You may also add wooden French doors, sliding doors or other features to give your sunroom a touch of class.

Screened Sunrooms

If you prefer a fully screened room that provides a shield from the rough extremes of the weather then we offer the best to satisfy your needs. A screened room also provides air ventilation in the summertime.

Full Sunlight Enclosure

We can transform the dreary space in your house into a cosy and beautiful sunroom with a full sunlight enclosure that can be used as a craft room, guest room or a new living area to relax in and enjoy family time. All in all, we design whatever you imagine to enhance your home and complement your ideal lifestyle.

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Best Quality

While designing the room of your choice, we ensure that our sunrooms are created from the best quality materials and adhere to all Australian standards.

Experienced and Professional Team

We provide quality living with the help of our professional and reliable tradesmen. Choosing us to design your sunrooms means you are choosing the best.

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