Carports are an excellent way of beautifying your façade or bungalow. With our amazing array of colours and designs, you can now express your personal likings and unique personality. With the quality finish of our carports, your house would be able to enhance its street appearance. It not only enhances the look of your house but also benefits you in many practical ways. It can prevent your car from the scorching sun on a hot summers day or help avoid the drenching while bringing in your shopping bags inside.

Protect your pride and joy

Protect your
pride and joy

Enjoy the feeling of entering a cool car on a hot day or avoid a drenching when trying to bring the shopping in. You can express your personality with our incredible range of designs and colours, and with the neat, beautiful finish only available on our carport range, you can be sure you are maintaining or enhancing your homes street appeal. Choose from freestanding or house attached designs to really enhance the value and comfort of your home.


Attached carports are linked directly to the house, usually by the fascia of the roof. A lot of homeowners feel some slight concern about attached additions to their home, however our attached carport has been fully engineered and tested to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. R S team will ensure that the work is done at a level of highest quality that not only is acceptable to pass building standards but also built to last and enjoy for years to come.

Or Freestanding

Freestanding carports aren’t attached to house, and can be placed anyplace on the driveway of your property provided it is within council regulations of your front and side boundaries. Freestanding does eliminate the risk of damage to the home itself, which can help increase home value.

Our Recent Work

Beautify Your Home With Our Carports

We offer both, freestanding and attached wall carports to cater for your needs.


Do you prefer an attached carport but are also concerned about the attached additions? Don’t worry! Our attached carports are tested and engineered to comply fully with Australian Standards. At RS Quality Living, we strive to provide premium quality to our clients.


Freestanding carports can be placed anywhere on the driveway, however, it should be within Council set regulations for the side and front boundaries. Freestanding carports eradicate the need to make changes to your house itself.

Why Choose RS Quality Living?

Are you still unsure? Here is a list of reasons to give you further assurance:

A range of colours, materials and designs

We have a range of colours, materials and designs that can be used to create a carport according to your preferences.

High-Quality Material

The quality of material that we use will set you free from all the doubts and concerns that you might have regarding the durability of your carport.

Customers Come First

We take pride in making our clients happy and satisfied. We know what your house means to you and we respect that. Our team of experts are committed to delivering what you deserve.

Affordable Prices

We make sure the carport is built according to your desires and that it lasts longer than you expect without being heavy on the pocket.

In addition to these, we also have:

20 years of experience in the market

An easy and quick ordering process

24/7 support

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