Gable Pitched Roof

Gabled Pitched Roof

If you love the beauty of a high ceiling to outdoor area then our gable pitched roof is an ideal option for you. We offer different options for gable pitched roofs in Sydney; contemporary sleek underside coloured flat roofing and a traditional channelled roofing. Each option can be further enhanced with glowing polycarbonate skylights if preferred. The ends of the roof can also be filled in with slats, plasterboard or weather shield polycarbonate multiwall. Various materials can be used to construct gabled roofs such as metal and concrete or terracotta tiles. However, we give special consideration to weather in areas where gable roofs are constructed.

Types of Gable Pitched Roofs Available

Being one of the best roofing companies in Australia, we offer different types of gabled roofs to cater to a range of tastes and needs. Some of them are mentioned below:

Crow-stepped Gable

This style of gable roof has a feature that is known as step-shaped ends.

Dutch Gable

Similar to the crow-stepped gable, this style of gable has ornamentally curved sides instead of the straight ends. Its ends, unlike crow-stepped edges, are exclusively for decorative purpose.

Saltbox Gable

This type of gabled roof has two panels that are differently pitched.

Boxed Gable

Here the roof space that is spread over the entire area of the house walls.

Gambrel Roof

A symmetrical gable-style roof with two inclines on each side of the wall.

These roofs are also built to incorporate valleys and hips roofed with a standing seam or metal shingles to prevent water leakage.

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