Are you a homeowner wanting to add on to your existing home or planning to build a new one? Well, we are assured that by now you must have considered the role that roofs play to the beautify of your house. Understandably home décor is important to you and looking for an attractive roof style to enhance your outdoor area would be on your agenda. Why not opt for a combination of different roof designs to achieve a result that is truly yours.

Add a Touch of Glam with Our Combination Roof Designs

Combine a gable pitched roof with a flat roof or a stylish curved roof to create a striking central core of your open-air lifestyle. This combination is also available as either a freestanding structure or attached to your home. You may also choose to have a hip roof with skillion roof over the porch and a gable roof over dormers.

Check out some appealing reasons to choose combination roof tops:

  • They enhance the street presence of your house
  • They specify the level of finish to neighbours, guests and prospective buyers of the property
  • They add extra charm to your house
  • They help you to use the perfect type of roof for each portion of your home

Selection of Roof Type

Choosing the right type of roof is crucial. Here are some options that you can consider to use for your house:

Higher Pitched Roof

The most practical option for a house in a rainy area is to have a higher pitched roof that is designed to allow the water to slip off.

Skillion Style Roof

These are the simple and elegant outdoor roof designs

Flat Roof

This is used with a slight slope for the drainage of rain

Gable Roof

These are similar to regular pitched roofs

Combination of flat and gable

These roofs combine features of both styles, giving you the architectural charm of gable roof along with the simplicity of a skillion roof.

Why Choose RS Quality Living?

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose us:

We offer a wide range of ideal and high-quality combination of roofs

We use durable material

We have 20 years of experience

We provide high-quality roofs

We have an easy and quick ordering process

We offer 24/7 support

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