Outdoor Decking

Outdoor Decking

Outdoor Decking- Which timber best to use for decking

These days decking has become quite popular and many people want to enhance the look of their home by building a deck. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before choosing outdoor decking.

Drive through the write-up and learn how to select timber for decking and the types of decking material available in the market.

Get the estimate of decking cost

The first thing that you need to do is to get in touch with different outdoor decking providing companies and get the estimated cost of decking. This will help you in understanding the normal rate of decking in the Australian market.

Define your budget

Once you get the idea of the cost that will be incurred in getting the decking done, then it is time to define your budget. You must have a clear mind that how much you can spend on building a deck and then stick to it.

While doing this, you are also advised to consider two other important points:

  1. Where your deck will be located
  2. How much will be the maintenance cost of the deck

These two questions will help you understand which material to choose for decking and then you can allocate the budget for it accordingly. For instance, you might be someone who wants to get outdoor decking. This means the deck will be exposed to climatic conditions that can fade the color of the material. Furthermore, sometimes some materials used in building deck are cheaper but have a higher annual maintenance cost. That is why it is important to select the material which meets your requirement.


Different types of decking material

Modular Decking

If you are ready to spend a significant amount of money on outdoor decking then modular decking could be a great option for you. Here, real timber boards are prefabricated into panels, which make the installation of the deck easier. Definitely, it will give you an amazing look as it is made of real wood, such as Merbau, treated pine, etc. The maintenance requires annual oiling of the decking boards. The cost of this decking material is higher than other options mentioned-below as it is prefabricated and highly durable.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a good option if you are looking for highly weather-resistant decking material. It is prepared from a mixture of wood fibres and recycled plastic, which makes it an environment-friendly option too. Although it is not real timber, still it has the potential to give timber looks such as Highland Oak, etc. Installation could be a bit heavy to handle but it will last longer and even the maintenance cost is quite low. Perhaps that is why people are ready to bear some extra cost for this decking material.

Hardwoods decks

In Australia, hardwoods decks are considered one of the best options as it is not only highly resilient and durable but also gives you a refined look and great smell.  You can choose Merbau, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, etc. for this decking. Definitely, it will give you a splendid look but you need to ensure that you keep it maintained. In fact, if maintained properly, there is no match for this decking material. Installation is not really difficult, but you need to get it oiled regularly every year. It is slightly priced more than treated pine but in comparison to other options, it is quite cheap.

Treated Pine

One of the most versatile and affordable options, treated pine is a good option for outdoor decking. Radiata Pine, which is a treated pine is pressure-treated and can withstand the issues of fungi, termites and even decay. The best thing is that its installation is not very difficult, as it is light-weight and you can also enhance the visual appeal of this material by getting it painted. Just make sure you get it oiled every year and it will give you the desired result. This is one of the cheapest options available for you.


If you are looking for outdoor decking installation, then RS Quality Living is your best option. Here you can get all types of decking materials that will fit your budget. Here, you get a high-quality product at an affordable, which is difficult to find anywhere else in Australia.

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