Enclosed Patio

Enclosed Patio

Enclosed Patio- Enclosed Patio Ideas

Normally, a patio is the area of your home which is dusty all year round. One of the major reasons behind this is that it is open and is exposed to sunlight and wind. Fortunately, these days you have the option of an enclosed patio that evolves it into a living area where you can get the temperature controlled. Perhaps that is why in Australia, patio enclosures have become so popular. Despite saying this it is important to point out that finding a good enclosed patio idea is not easy. Keeping this in mind here some of the most brilliant and stylish ideas of patio enclosure have been discussed.

So, take a look at these and choose the one that you think will enhance the beauty of your home.

Glass covered external space

With the help of an enclosed patio, you get a chance to enjoy the outdoor by remaining indoors and the best way to do so is to get a glass extension. This is something with the help of which you get the desired privacy. The openness offered by frosted and clear glass allows the sunlight and by adding windows in this type of patio you get a chance to enjoy the fresh air.

Patio only with curtains

You want to retain the openness of the patio and want to get a stylish look to your home then opt for patio only with curtains. This means that you will not make use of any sheets or glass to cover the patio. Instead, you will get the outdoor decking below the roof, which will be an extended slab and support it with columns at equal levels. You can put curtains from the three sides and could make it a sitting space. However, t is important to consider that the season around the year in your area is not very harsh otherwise this patio enclosure will not be of great help.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Enclosures

You are someone who loves nature and want to use eco-friendly materials to beautify your home, then a bamboo enclosed patio is the best option for you. Here the patio is made by bamboo sticks and displays your concept of living green. With no use of glass, walls, this patio is all about celebrating the beauty of bamboos.

Pergola Roof Patio

When you ring two things together intelligently then the result is mind-blowing. This is the case with this type of patio, as here you have a pergola roof to build an enclosed patio. The best thing about this type of patio enclosure is that it offers skylight, which is filtered by the glass covering. You can decorate this area with hanging lamps, thereby giving it an amazing look even at night. You can even add greenery within by placing some plants inside it in addition to artificial light inside it.

Fully Screened Patio

If the weather is too harsh and you do not want to worry about annoying insects, then you must get a fully screened patio. This type of patio enclosure offers you protection from wind, sunlight and maintains the temperature inside.  Apart from this, you can also enjoy the gentle cooling breezes in the summer evening, thereby making the environment inside the patio cooler. You can also place lights, fans, and heaters inside it.


Patios make your home look beautiful but if you want to enhance the versatility of the patio, then opt for an enclosed patio. The best thing about the patio enclosure is that it is quite comfortable and has the capability to make your home look appealing. Talk to RS Quality Home Improvement and let’s start building the perfect enclosed patio for your home!

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